36Garh Healthcare Awards

Event Overview:

EESWF (Entrepreneur Educational Social Welfare Foundation Limited) is excited to announce the “36Garh Healthcare Awards” in partnership with Bharatiya Media.

This prestigious event aims to recognize and honor exceptional healthcare institutions, hospitals, and health tech startups from 36Garh for their outstanding contributions to the healthcare sector.

Nomination Process:

Healthcare institutions, hospitals, and health tech startups operating in 36Garh are invited to nominate themselves for consideration for the “36Garh Healthcare Awards.”

The nomination process will be open for a specified period, allowing eligible entities to showcase their achievements and innovations in healthcare.

Jury Selection:

A distinguished panel of 10 individuals from 36Garh will be selected to serve as the Jury for the awards.

These Jury members will be esteemed dignitaries and experts in various fields related to healthcare within the region.

Online Voting:

Following the nomination period, the nominated healthcare entities will be presented to the public for online voting.

The online voting process will provide an opportunity for the community to participate in the selection of deserving awardees.

Jury Deliberation:

In addition to the online voting results, the Jury will also play a crucial role in the final selection process.

The Jury will evaluate the nominees based on various criteria, including quality of healthcare services, patient care, innovation, and overall contribution to the healthcare sector in 36Garh.

Awards Ceremony:

The winners of the “36Garh Healthcare Awards” will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony.

The ceremony will be attended by representatives from the winning healthcare institutions, hospitals, health tech startups, members of the Jury, sponsors, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

Media Coverage:

Bharatiya Media will provide extensive coverage of the “36Garh Healthcare Awards” through various media channels, including print, digital, and social media platforms.

The coverage will highlight the achievements and contributions of the award winners, showcasing their role in improving healthcare delivery and outcomes in 36Garh.

Networking Opportunities:

The awards ceremony will also serve as a platform for networking and collaboration among healthcare professionals, stakeholders, and industry leaders.

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships to further enhance healthcare services in 36Garh.

Follow-Up Initiatives:

EESWF and Bharatiya Media are committed to supporting and promoting ongoing initiatives in the healthcare sector beyond the awards ceremony.

Follow-up initiatives may include workshops, seminars, and other events aimed at addressing key healthcare challenges and fostering innovation in 36Garh.

Event Date and Venue:

The date and venue for the “36Garh Healthcare Awards” will be announced soon. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements.

Join us in celebrating and honoring the exceptional achievements and contributions of healthcare institutions, hospitals, and health tech startups in 36Garh. Together, let’s recognize their dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and enhancing the well-being of the community.